Toddler days are here!

Playing in the park!

Hi everyone! It’s been an extremely long time since I’ve updated this blog. I had so many things to write about, but would get overwhelmed by everything going on around me and end up not writing anything. I decided to just sit down and give an update on how my Busy Bee is doing. She is doing so wonderful! We’re in full swing of her being a two year old! The last time I blogged, it was near the holidays and so much has happened. Busy Bee can recognize all of her letters, numbers, shapes and colors. She can count from 1-10 and can work the remote to the television and my cellphone better than I can 😊. She talks ALL THE TIME!! I do mean all the time! LOL! She can put together 5-6 word sentences and follow complex directions (when she chooses too πŸ˜‚). Sometimes my introverted self cannot take all of the talking, but then I dig down deep and endure because I love her so! She likes to have my full attention like most toddlers do and if I am not paying attention to her, she makes it known that she is there! She loves to talk on the phone and will definitely face time you if you have an iphone. LOL!


Busy Bee has been busy with activity during the spring and summer. She started gymnastics in the spring and she liked it… lol! I wouldn’t say she loved it. It was a “Mommy and Me” class and I spent most of my time chasing her around the room and less of her actually participating in the class. I vowed that we would not return until she was old enough to be on her own. She recently started swimming and I made sure it was not a mommy and me class! I think it makes a difference in our case. Birthday parties, visits to the zoo and farm, her first visit to Chuck E. Cheese… I no longer have a social calendar… I am a professional chauffer! I remember my mother telling me as a teenager that she was no longer my personal chauffer!! LOL! I understand why now!

I won’t go into her case because ultimately that is her story, however I can say that it has taken a bit of a toll on me. I suffered with anxiety for about 5 months at the beginning of the year, I recently realized that I no longer felt a heaviness in my chest during the day and overall, my head is not as “fuzzy.” This has been a journey for me as well and it’s not one that I take lightly. I am so grateful for this opportunity and deem it an honor to play a roll in this process, it has it’s ups and downs for sure… but I would not have it another way!

Farm fun with Friends!

So as I’ve mentioned we are in the FULL swing of two. Busy Bee conquered potty training like a champ! I actually could not believe it, I really thought it would be horrible training a human to use the toilet, but it wasn’t bad at all. I really think that she was ready and because I had been casually allowing her to use the potty at home, when the daycare was ready to partner with me… she soared! She is so disciplined with using the potty and with learning, but boy oh boy… eating and tantrums! Whew! LOL! Busy Bee is extremely picky and currently is in a phase where she doesn’t want to eat anything. There used to be staples that she would eat and now is refusing those! She also is very strong willed and has been hitting. She has been hitting me for a while and it is always followed with a time out, but her teacher told me she recently started hitting at school… sigh. If you have dealt with this… what are some ways you have redirected the behavior (corporal punishment is not allowed or accepted)?

Overall, I am so happy and thrilled at the progress that Miss Bee is making! She is really the sweetest and funniest toddler! She loves to laugh and play, she loves to hug and tell me how much she loves me and she is fearless. I am so grateful to continually witness her growth!

P.S. She finally started sleeping through the night when the dentist told her that she can’t drink milk during the night. LOL! So at 25 months… we finally were all getting some sleep!

Until next time!

Busy Bee is 2!

Author: Clarise_C

Hi! My name is Clarise. I'm currently going through the process of becoming a foster parent. I started this blog to share my journey with readers. I am not a writer, an expert on parenting, or even a parent... but so many folks have asked questions, I thought I would share. I am also an avid runner, nutrition coach and devoted Sunday school teacher (which is where I learn most of my patience with preschooler's :-)). I also work for a small agency called the VA. I hope you enjoy!

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